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**I am currently abroad and will resume teaching lessons in August. Please see below to book your private lessons with one of my co-teachers in the meantime**

Private Lessons with a Co-Teacher

Receive personal attention with lessons that are fun and easy to follow. I am happy to book you with my good friends and co-teachers in San Francisco while I am away. I've worked personally with each of my instructors who are certified and have many years of experience teaching wedding couples. We will work together to give you a first dance that is special and brings out your unique personalities. Taking dance lessons also allows you to spend quality time with your partner, to learn from each other, connect and de-stress from all the pressures of wedding planning. Make it a date night!

Sessions are one hour. Lesson Packages and Gift Certificates available.


Please Contact Frances for pricing and availability.

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"How many private lessons should we take?" The number of lessons to take depends on your dance goals, skill level, and amount of time to practice. I highly recommend taking at least 6 lessons for a polished routine, complete with an entrance, a strong foundation of basics, spins, stylish patterns, and the final dip. Of course, taking any number of lessons will upgrade you from swaying back and forth together and I will tailor your dance program to your specific needs.

"How soon should we start?"  I highly recommend starting at least 3 months before your wedding in order for you to feel the most confident with your dance. When learning any new hobby it is important to practice your art frequently, especially in the beginning stages. Grouping lessons closer together will allow you to retain steps better and progress faster. However, I understand not everyone has that time and I will gladly work with you on your schedule, even if your wedding was the very next day!

"What services are included with your packages?" A private dance studio is always included, which means you never have to share space or music with other students and teachers.  In addition to these services, I offer personalized choreography, song editing, recordings of your lessons for practice, and professional performance tips (recovering after mistakes, posing for your guests and photographer, making the most out of your specific dance floor, and how to best perform in your dress and wedding shoes). 
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